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The band are back.......sort of anyway.

Yes, it's true! we are back....... sort of. The band are currently having a weekly E-rehearsal. Despite the obvious challenges this poses, John & the band are taking to it well. We hope that when restrictions are eventually lifted, that we will have a head start in preparation for our first post Covid 19 rehearsals & concert. We hope that you are all well & that you are staying safe. Best wishes JB, Pam & CCCB family.


Saturday 28th March 2020

In line with current government advice and restrictions. The band is currently unable to meet and rehearse together. We are however, continuing to practice our respective instruments. 
Our Musical Director John is currently providing on line support to members, in the form of conductor walkthroughs for each piece we have been rehearsing. Great work John. Being the tight knit band family we are, we are all very much in contact with each other & keeping the spirit of the band alive and well. 
As a band, we thank you for your continuing support and patience during this difficult time. We wish you all good health & hope to be back to entertain you all soon. 
We greatly appreciate the hard work and sacrifice currently being made by all of you,  who are continuing to work in our essential services.
Take care, be kind to yourselves & others.  Lets get through this together.
The CCCB  family. 

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